As many people know since I've been "semi-retired " I taken a greater interest in "Adventure Photography". While the term may seem new or unfamiliar, this type of photography was actually coined in 1970’s after the photo exploits of Galen Rowell.  All photographers have their “bucket-lists” and when you channel the spirit for adventure and the the love of the outdoors into your ambitions you begin to follow a similar path. 

 As my “following” has grown over the years I couldn’t help but notice how many people loved to see my photos and hear of my experiences that take them to places that many may never have chance or ability to see and experience. So I decided to channel my efforts into creating programs to showcase and highlight some of the places I’ve had the great fortune and opportunity to visit through my photography and actual experiences. 

I find it very fulfilling to captivate an audience with the stories of my “adventures” wether near or far because while every picture tells a story there’s generally a story behind the picture.  

  The "Beatrice Gallery" is currently closed. I hope to be creating an on-line for the sale of fine art photography, mixed media pieces and collectable art in the very near future. 
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