My next “adventure” will entail a journey to Tanzania, Africa. You might say it’s a hybrid version of bucket list items. As an outdoor and wildlife photographer coupled with my love of hiking adventures I have created my ultimate challenge. Knowing as I age it’ll become more difficult to reach the sky and stand on top of the world. While I’ve been above 14,000 ft. 11 times so far and for those of us who venture to these heights there is nothing like standing on top of the world. I’ve wanted to attempt something even greater to be a compliment to my adventurist spirit.        In addition what nature photographer doesn’t have a “photo safari” on their bucket list. 

  I leave for Africa in early October and within a couple of days will begin a 6 day journey to the Mawenzi Peak on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro at a hight of 19,340 ft. I choose to undertake my expedition with Seif Juma and "Kili Africa Tours". If successful I will be standing on the worlds tallest freestanding mountain as well the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere during a full moon. I further plan to cap off my journey with than a 4 day safari through the Tarangire and Serengeti National Parks followed by tour of Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Ngorongoro Crater photographing some of the worlds most spectacular landscapes and wildlife.

  While “formulating” my plans so many thoughts and ideas have raced through my mind. One day as I was enlightening a senior member of our community of my plans, she looked at me and enviously said “and you, just a local boy from Hainesville, are doing all this…”. This was very humbling as she also knew of my family’s journey from a tough beginning. At that point I set out to see if there was some other meaning or purpose that this challenge could serve in one capacity or another. So I discovered “Pass It Along” ,an organization dedicated to youths facing many of the same challenges I had and even more so in todays society. The mission of Pass It Along resonated very deeply with me and I had even expressed to them how an organization such as theirs may have been beneficial to me so many years ago. So I have offered my story, my journey and my support to them in hopes that we may bring awareness and hopefully financial support to such a great and rewarding cause. But most importantly I wish to instill some hope and inspiration to these young people facing the issues of today as well as their own challenges. And that they too someday can reach a summit in their life to stand on "top of the world".

Please consider a tax deductible contribution where all proceeds go to Pass It Along and will directly support our local youth.
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" Quest for Kilimanjaro "
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